Commercial services

We understand that commercial developers and landlords have unique requirements for their commercial renovations.

We carry out projects in a manner that ensures accommodation is unoccupied for the smallest possible period. And that renovations are robust without losing the high-quality finish that will attract new tenants.

Our commercial services include:


Buy-to-let properties:

We know the importance of timing when buying and renovating buy-to-let properties. Every month without a tenant is a month of lost profits, so we’ll ensure we can deliver your commercial renovation on budget AND on time. While remaining within budget we’ll use materials with durability so they’ll stand the test of time through multiple residents.


Property investors:

If you are looking to renovate a newly purchased property for a quick resale, we will help you to target your budget on the areas that will generate the best returns and encourage new buyers to take note. Our aim is to ensure your property stands out from the other properties in the neighbourhood. And for all the right reasons. Plus, our work will come with all of the necessary compliance documents to ensure the resale goes smoothly.


Multi-family residences and apartment blocks:

When renovating an occupied multi-family accommodation we know the importance of flexibility and potentially being able to renovate unit by unit in order to keep disruption of your tenants to a minimum. Multi-unit renovation allows us to utilise the full benefit of group buying in order to keep the cost of your build as low as possible.



With school building work, the schedule is everything. Term will re-start whether you are ready for it or not, so you want a company you can trust to complete building work on time. We pride ourselves on setting and sticking to a schedule. So when the pupils return our workforce is done and dusted and the job is completed to a high standard.

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