Thessaloniki 1 Bed Flat Greece Full Renovation


Thessaloniki 1 Bed Flat Greece Full Renovation

We found a 1 bed flat in Thessaloniki, Greece; which was in a bad shape. The entire flat was outdated, and there was nothing even remotely attractive about the property. It was all a small and dark space, that was not appealing from any angle. Since the flat was small, the minimum light added an illusion that it was smaller. The entire flat needed work, but we felt we could transform it, and turn it into someone’s dream home. There were a lot of things we need to tackle, so before starting the renovation, our team made a proper plan, and laid down all the issues that need to be fixed. Then we moved towards what little things we can change or add to give the space a more opened feel; so we can pull it out of the small and dark illusion.

After we had everything planned, we started renovation on this 1 bed flat in Thessaloniki, Greece. As it was a simple 1 bed flat with a tiny bathroom, and separate kitchen; we decided to go with an open plan. So we started by taking down the wall that separated the kitchen space from the living space to create a bigger room. Then we moved the kitchen to one side of that space, to give a full open concept feeling.

The second thing we did, was to turn the bathroom into double the size it was before, and give it a higher ceiling by adding 60 cm of more headspace. This did not only make the bathroom bigger, it gave us an opportunity to create an actual bathroom. We added a walk in shower space, strategically so the bathroom does not look tiny. By using a 5mm screen, we were able to create a shower and make sure the place does not look cramped.

Furthermore, we had full re-wiring done on this 1 bed flat and even added a new fuse box, gas boiler, and central heating system.

This 1 bed flat in Thessaloniki, needed some security; so we replaced the old door with a heavy security door, that was fitted using twelve steel closings. This door came with an uncopyable key, that ensured the security of your property entirely.

When we moved forward in this 1-bed flat renovation, we decided to give the place a full plastering around the apartment. Further, we used toughened glass as splashback which gave the kitchen a catchy look.

When we moved towards the end of this 1-bed flat renovation, in Thessaloniki, Greece, we decided to take on the balcony space too. We knew some small changes will add more usable space in this 1 bed flat. So we tiled the place, and set up tents for protection from the sun. So the people living in the space will be able to open doors for some fresh air.


Property Information

Works Undertaken

  • New Kitchen
  • New Bathroom
  • Full Replastering Throughout
  • Full Electrical Rewiring
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