Our process

Right from the start we aim to exceed the expectations of our clients. So, every project we work on follows a clear five-step process:


1. Initial consultation

We meet with you to discuss the vision you have for your project. This includes getting a clear picture of your requirements. We establish the elements that are particularly important to you and get a clear understanding of your budget. This enables us to design the best renovation we can within your price range.

2. Preliminary design and feasibility

Zorion design concept drawing
Stage two is translating everything we have heard from you in the initial consultation into an initial project plan. This includes:

  • concept drawings – so you can see how your plans translate and consequently make revisions if there are elements you don’t like;
  • provisional costings – early on we provide a basic estimate of costs so you can easily decide what your budget is able to include.
  • feasibility – we can identify the feasibility of your entire project, looking any potential issues and restraints we may face


3. Drawings and planning consent

We use your feedback and our budget discussions to refine the original concept drawings. Your project manager will provide you with detailed working drawings and a more comprehensive costing.  Although unexpected structural issues can arise in any build, we will agree with you how these issues are dealt with, and subsequently be costed out. We aim to remain as competitively priced as possible throughout the project. At this stage, we work with you to submit the legal planning documents for your project. Our aim is to make this part of the process as seamless, speedy and stress-free, as possible.

4. The Build

Your assigned project manager manages their project team throughout the course of the build. The project manager is in full control of the trade schedule. This enables each phase of work to be completed on time and to the necessary standard, so each trade can begin on time. Your project manager is on hand to ensure high standards of workmanship and that any snags are dealt with efficiently. So, you need only liaise with the project manager.

5. The handover

We ensure all the finishing touches are in place and the compliance documents signed and sealed. Then your beautiful home or property is all yours once more.

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