Project Management

We think communication is paramount when delivering any renovation project.

It is so easy for messages to get lost in translation. Especially so when builders, tradesmen, architects and compliance officials can all use different professional languages. This is why we assign a project manager to all of our clients.

Your Project Manager will be your single point of contact throughout the job. Our PM is fluent in all of the languages of building projects. He will keep you fully informed so that you can make the right decisions, based on the right information. And he will make sure your voice is heard by our entire team throughout the project.

Your PM will ensure a seamless transition between each phase of development. So the plasterers aren’t held up by the electricians. The plumbers are on site on time and on the right day in the process. And, that the vast number of other essential cogs in the machine are all turning at exactly the right time during the development. Your PM makes sure that project runs like clockwork and that costly delays and mistakes are eliminated.


Your Project Manager

Our Project Manager, Paul, is an experienced, dedicated, start-to-finish project manager and property developer. Paul will work with you throughout the project, from the initial concept all the way to the final polish.

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